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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, whether the premises are a Retail Shop, other commercial properties, or even residential tenancies, we can assist you with the preparation of, review of, and amendment of leases.

Retail shop leases have specific requirements, which affect how much rent the landlord can recover, what sort of rental increase provisions are permitted, and much more. If this is an area which may affect you, it is vital that you obtain expert advice BEFORE you sign.


We offer a fixed fee lease consultation for up to one hour for a fixed price of $440 . 


Before entering into a Retail Shop Lease you must obtain a Legal Advice Report, also known as a Legal Advice Certificate.   This is a certificate from a lawyer that you have been advised about the lease.  Legal advice reports are required for a new lease, and if you are buying a business, and becoming a lessee as part of that business transaction.  

We provide a fixed fee legal advice certificate for $800.   

Contact us for lease related legal issues.

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