Powers of Attorney are very useful – and very powerful.  Mostly they are a force for good – allowing family or friends to provide practical help to a person who needs assistance.

However, sometimes, attorneys go too far.  Either deliberately or accidentally, some attorneys have acted in a way that causes loss, or perhaps has taken advantage of the person they were there to help .

Before signing a power of attorney document, and before accepting appointment as an attorney, it is very important that you understand the true ramifications and legal limits on the powers you are giving.  

And if things go wrong, you need to know how to recover money lost or misappropriated.

We provide a fixed fee service to prepare and explain a power of attorney.  

And we are experts in dealing with the fallout when an attorney goes wrong.

See us about:

  • Enduring and General Powers of Attorney
  • Compensation Claims under Powers of Attorney Act
  • QCAT proceedings - incapacity declarations; breach of duties; orders for approval