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Robbin Watson


Robbins Watson

Robbin Watson


罗宾斯·沃特森 律师事务所是一个中型的,享誉业内的有纪律组织性的事务所。事务所于1958年成立,我们综合了广泛以及最具实效性的知识,并结合最先进的技术,给客户提供“创造性的,智慧的,坚持不懈的”法律服务。罗宾斯·沃特森提供全面的以客户为中心的服务,包括家庭法,诉讼,商业法,房屋买卖产权转让,商业加盟,商业法,建立信托结构,董事会结构,公司结构以及管理养老金等等。

我们在所有法律方面都可以提供专业的建议。随着法律案件的越来越复杂化,许多事务所都只局限于几个方面,当客户的需求超出了律师的能力范围时,会让客户陷入艰难的境地, 然而在罗宾斯·沃特森我们采用了不同的方法。我们认为服务客户的律师必须要对该客户需要面对的问题非常熟悉,但是不可能每一个律师对所有的法律部分都了如指。正是因为如此,我们事务所拥有很多专精于不同法律领域的律师,当情况需要时,任何一位律师都会被要求加入并贡献他或者她所掌握的知识以便给客户最好的服务。

Our Profile

Robbins Watson Solicitors is a mid-sized, well respected, multi-discipline Gold Coast law firm with a heritage dating back to 1958. We blend extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the law with advanced technology, delivering legal services that are "creative, intelligent and tenacious". Robbins Watson provides a full suite of client-centric services. We provide expert family law, litigation, commercial law, conveyancing, franchising, business law, structuring - trusts, partnerships, companies and self-managed superannuation funds.

We provide legal advice in all areas of law. With the growing complexity of legal issues many law firms now practice in a select few areas. This leaves clients in the cold when they have legal issues that do not fall within the ambit of their solicitor's practice. At Robbins Watson we take a different approach. We recognise that it is essential that the lawyer assisting you with your problem be intimately familiar with the area of law that applies, and that no single solicitor can attain that intimacy within all area of law. Accordingly, we employ numerous solicitors, all of whom focus on different areas of law. Any and all of our professionals are called in to add their knowledge and experience on behalf of any client, whenever required.

Robbin Watson

服务区域 Service State

  • 昆士兰 Queensland
    (Main City:Brisbane,Gold Coast)
  • 新南威尔士 New South Wales
    (Main City:Sydney)



Robbin Watson

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