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Posted on
Thu, 01/17/2019 - 08:39
Posted by Christine Smyth

Robbins Watson are proud to announce our Christine Smyth – Consultant,  has been appointed to the the Law Council of Australia Legal Practice Section Executive.  Christine extends her thanks and gratitude to our colleagues for your support and endorsement in voting Christine into this position.  The Legal Practice Section focus is on legal practice management issues with a particular focus on areas of specialist practices.   The Section's objectives are to:


  • Contribute to the development of the legal profession;
  • Maintain high standards in the legal profession;
  • Offer assistance in the development of legal and management expertise in its members through training, conferences, publications, meetings, and other activities.
  • Provide policy advice to the Law Council, and prepare submissions on behalf of the Law Council, in the areas relating to its specialist committees.


Christine looks forward to working with


  • Chair - Ms Maureen Peatman,
  • Deputy Chair - Mr Michael James,
  • Treasurer - Mr Geoff Provis,


Executive Members


  • Ms Tanya Berlis
  • Mr Dennis Bluth
  • Mr Mark Cerche
  • Ms Peggy Cheong
  • Mr Philip Jackson SC
  • Dr Leonie Kelleher OAM


If you would like to know more about the work of the section I invite you to visit:

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