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De Facto Relationships

De facto couples have the same legal issues as married couples, and some extra legal issues on top.  

One issue which causes much consternation is what is a de-facto relationship?

The legal definition goes something like this:  

A de-facto relationship is two people, of the same or opposite sex who are not legally married and who have a relationship, as a couple, on a genuine domestic basis.

As you can see, having a definition does not always make things much clearer!

Our experienced family law team is intimately familiar with the legal ins and outs of de facto and married couples, and can guide you through the legal system as it applies to you.

We help clients in de facto relationships with:

  • “Pre-nup” Agreements – de facto couples have the legal right to agree how their property is to be dealt with if they split up
  • Property Division – when a de facto couple separate, they have the same rights as married couples to work out a fair split up of the assets that they have accumulated
  • Children’s matters – the children of de facto couples need care and support if a relationship breaks down.  We can help you work out a fair and child-focussed plan for your children’s care.
  • Domestic Violence – no-one has the right to engage in domestic violence.  We can help you get a Court issued protection order.

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