Asset Protection​

You work hard. You have done well.

Yet, being in business places those assets at risk. No matter how good a businessperson you are, there can always be an event which you can’t control, but for which you may be personally liable.

It makes sense to take steps to protect your assets.

We investigate how your assets are structured, and devise a plan under which you can minimise your risk of losing everything if one of life’s tragedies were to befall you.

Estate Planning

We will all pass on eventually.  When that happens, how will your family cope? Do you have complex asset structures? Do you have an extended family, perhaps including defacto partners and step-children? Do you have concerns about one or more persons challenging your will, or claiming more than you wish to leave them?

Careful thought and preparation can reduce, and even eliminate these issues. As with most things, time spent in advance ensuring that your affairs are well ordered, and control mechanisms are in place, can dramatically improve the outcomes for the family members you leave behind – and, importantly, maximise the prospect that your assets go to the person(s), in the share(s) that you decide.

Come and speak to us for a comprehensive review of your estate planning.