February 16, 2016 /

As many of you will be aware, electronic conveyancing has been in the pipeline in Queensland for some time. We are pleased to say that e-Conveyancing is now fully up and running and we at Robbins Watson are excited to be at the forefront of the e-Conveyancing revolution in Queensland!

The new system of e-Conveyancing will streamline the whole settlement process and delays with settlements will be far less common. One of the best features of the new system is that Sellers (and agents) will receive cleared funds into their bank account by way of electronic transfer within minutes of settlement. Buyers will also become registered on title following settlement far quicker than has previously been the case.

The introduction of electronic settlements is the single biggest technological advancement the conveyancing industry has seen and we are excited to be able to offer this streamlined process to our clients.

Please contact either of our Property Law solicitors Marcus Woodfield or Alita Comer if you have any questions about e-Conveyancing.

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