Child Support Assessments

Many families choose for their child support liability to be assessed and determined by the Child Support Agency. Sometimes, however, you may have a dispute with the Child Support Agency regarding their assessment. For example, you may need legal assistance with:-

  • Applications for change of assessment/departures appeals to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT); and
  • The filing objections with the Child Support Agency.

Private Child Support Agreements

Parents may choose to manage their child support responsibilities privately by reaching an agreement on the child support payable between them, and without the involvement of the Child Support Agency. In those circumstances, we can provide you with advice on the options that are available to document your agreement, and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages to you of doing so.

Other Child Maintenance Issues

Other child maintenance issues that we are able to assist you with include:-

  • Child Maintenance concerning adult children who may be continuing their education or have a disability.
  • An application for enforcement of child support owed to you (or alleged to be owed by you).