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It’s back to the future

Uncertainty returns to binding death benefit nominations.

Posted by Christine Smyth

Why see a Solicitor for your Will?

Hot off the press is the matter of Drivas v Jakopovic [2019] NSWCA 218 which has reaffirmed the p...

Posted by Christine Smyth

Conflicts of interest

To act or not to act?

Posted by Christine Smyth

Moving in together? In a de facto relationship?

Moving in together? In a de facto relationship?...

Posted by Sarah Galvin

“Never Judge a Book by its Cover” – so said my Mum: Grants of Probate in Queensland

During many an appointment with grieving family members, one of the areas of la...

Posted by Chelsea Baker

PEXA Constant Improvements

With the upcoming PEXA release 10.1.0 on the 5th August 2019, I have taken the ...

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