Whether you are seeking to apply for a Domestic Violence Order from the Court as an aggrieved party or you are opposing a Domestic Violence Application, we are able to assist you.

We understand that, sadly, domestic violence is an issue which occurs in family law matters. Domestic violence behaviour has a wide definition and includes physical, sexual, emotional or economic abuse and threatening, coercive or controlling conduct.

We are able to assist you with this sensitive issue, and advise you as to how it may affect your property settlement or children’s matter.

Sometimes, too, people apply for orders and say things that are not true, or try to use a protection order unfairly.  If this happens to you we can defend you and rectify unfair protection orders. 

Unlike Family Law, Domestic Violence is governed by state legislation. Domestic Violence Applications are dealt with in the local Magistrates Court and we can represent you at these hearings.

See us for help for issues with:

  • Apply for Protection Order
  • Defend Protection Order
  • Vary Protection Order
  • Removal from Family Home
  • Protect children and extended family
  • Economic abuse
  • AVO application (NSW)

We can also help with related family law issues – property division, children, child support.