Whilst divorce is usually a relatively simple process, there are several legal factors that require specific attention to ensure that the application process proceeds smoothly. For example, there are rules relating the how service must be effected that must be adhered to, choices as to whether the application should be made jointly with your spouse or on a sole basis (and the implications for the process that flow from each approach), when parties have separated but continue to live “under the same roof” and satisfying the criteria for the Court to grant the divorce. We can assist you by ensuring that such issues are addressed properly.

Sometimes, issues arise that may cause complication in the Application for Divorce process. For example:-

  • If you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse;
  • If you require a divorce urgently;
  • If there are circumstances that may require the divorce application to be initiated by a third party.

Our experienced family law solicitors can advise you on the most appropriate, and cost-effective, course to take to achieve the result that you are seeking.